I went to Vic with some really sore shoulders and upper back from months of crouching before the computer. Vic really has some professional magic in his hands; the body felt much lighter after the massage. He also makes you really comfortable in the space. It’s a bliss to meet a masseur who knows his art.   Suresh

I had pulled a muscle in my back and Vic resolved the issue in one visit. He is excellent!    Felix

I was carrying a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and a seven-day headache that was causing me a lot of pain. I fell asleep during the massage as it was so relaxing and by the end, the headache and my muscle tension were gone.  Gus

The deep tissues massage was both relaxing and physically rejuvenating. Very professional and great massage. I purchased a package for more sessions and I keep recommending him.  Michael

I have just had an amazing massage with Vic. He truly has magic hands. Very professional, and knows where to place pressure, and how to relax your muscles. Highly recommend.  Yorgos

Great pressure and knowledgeable about how the body works. He has a great touch and a mindful attitude. Apart from all of the above, he is a lovely charming guy. I’d highly recommend his service to anyone.  Al

Vic’s got a great awareness of the body. His treatments are sensitive and very effective. As he always says: He doesn’t leave any stoned unturned!  Ian

When i first met Vic he knew exactly what I needed after an operation that went very wrong, very professional, magic hands, hes knows his stuff & an amazing person, felt fantactic after my first visit, highly recomend *****5   Kenn

I went for the first time to get a massage with Vic and I was blown away. Good location, nice atmosphere and very professional massage. Could definitely feel the difference between before and after. Highly recommended.  Paul

Great massage that eased my back muscle soreness from regularly training at the gym. Vic is professional and intuitive and I left feeling amazing. As everyone says, the reviews are exactly what you would expect. Convenient location, a relaxing environment and an attentive masseur.  Amir

Vic has great hands and knows exactly where to work to leave you feeling great. It was my first session with him and will be definitely coming back. It’s totally a 5-star experience!  Simon

So relaxing and therapeutic! Location is perfect, convenient and Vic is very welcoming. He really spend time releasing tension in my legs, it was amazing. So worth it, I would definitely call him again.  Johnny

I know an ordinary massage from an amazing one. Being a power-lifter the right massage is crucial. Best one I ever had. Great massage therapist in a fantastic environment.  Mike

Very chill and he knows his technique. The massage was amazing where he applied light to more pressure where needed. His touch is just gentle and lovely. I am rebooking again.  Lawrence